Your own traditional silhouettes - made today.

Silhouettes are traditional, romantic, charming, whimsical, historical - and are still part of our culture after hundreds of years. Bring these iconic hand-made, traditionally-made portraits into your family, your event, or your love of history.

Be a part of history yourself - have your own portraits made today.

A detailed Portrait made with only Scissors.

Silhouettes are miniature profile portraitsThe profiles shown on this website are cut freehand with scissors – without drawing first, or creating by machine, or tracing any shadow. Silhouette profile cutting has a long history which has unfolded over 400 years - yet it is available to you today. 
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Bring to your event a fascinating interactive activity that enthuses and entertains  your self, your family, and your guests and visitors.
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Order Online

If you won’t be near one of the posted events, or you have wiggly children that can’t stay still, you can order a silhouette online. 
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Experience for Yourself in Person

Your silhouette is an award-winning traditional  piece. You have the easy part: sitting and enjoying the experience. Find your opportunity in North America (and occasionally distant lands) to sit for your own portrait.
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