GOLD Freehand-Scissored Silhouette Portrait (1 copy per order)


GOLD Freehand-Scissored Silhouette Portrait (1 copy per order)


One (1) freehand-scissored silhouette portrait from the same emailed portrait. This gorgeous, lustrous GOLD paper is perfect for weddings and special events, cut freehand in the traditional manner into your silhouette portrait. This photo does not do the luster of the gold justice. It is truly luminous. (GOLD EXAMPLE FRAME NOT INCLUDED)

People and animals are equally accepted for portraits. The silhouettes themselves are approximately 3-1/2 - 4" tall, and mounted on a 5x7 cardstock.

Please note that the GOLD silhouettes come in only 1 copy due to the costs of the materials.

Shipping, frames, mats, or folders are extra cost. Scroll down to read all information.


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If you won’t be near one of the posted events on the Schedule, or you have wiggly children (or pets) that can’t stay still, you can order a silhouette by email –  delivered by mail. A Mail-Order custom artisan-created portrait is perfect for:

  • heirloom portraits to pass through your family,

  • an elegant holiday or other gifts.

  • wedding portraits

Select this item if you wanted to create a GIFT CERTIFICATE as well. After making your product selection(s), you will be giving all GIFTING information in the Checkout of your order.

More silhouette images can be seen in the Examples page.

Each silhouette is still cut by hand with only scissors in the traditional manner, and mounted on a card ready for framing, even the optional historic-style frame or mat. If you value hand-made artisan work, this is a portrait for your taste! Please read the Terms to understand about your handmade portrait.

Email Your Photo:

  1. Send at least 2 (two) clear, in-focus, profile (side-view) photos by email. See image below image for hints.

  2. Profiles facing right are preferred.

  3. Send additional photos if possible. The more photos, the better chance to get a correct image.

  4. Photos should be ‘mid-chest’ to ‘top of head’ – your photos should not cut off top of the head or back of head.

  5. No smile: straight face with closed lips.

  6. Try to show a neutral background, preferably in a light color… or contrast to the hair.

  7. Tip for a great portrait: if you are a woman or a girl, put your hair up or back. Ponytails, buns, or braids look exceptional in silhouettes; long, loose hair does not look as classically beautiful as these styles.