After over 20 years as a "new vaudeville" performer, Wild West entertainer, banner artisan, props-fabricator, a world-famous fire-eater and even a Charlie Chaplin impersonator, Lauren Muney turned her attention to offering silhouette portraiture to events - drawing on her vast experience from her events experience.

Here are some photos from Lauren's past as a visual and entertainment specialist. The photos range from 1996-2010.

"The Little Tramp"

(an interactive ode to Charlie Chaplin's delightful character)

Hand Painted Banners and Signs

Lauren helped many entertainers and vendors by providing handpainted banners on canvas, a favorite for historically-inspired specialists

Wild West, Vaudeville, and Festival specialities

Lauren's performances began in the early 1980s, gained a new dimension in 1988 after she attended Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus Clown College, and continued in an upward trend with her own touring show, her own show in Las Vegas, and more offerings throughout the North American continent. Some of these images depict offerings no longer offered by Lauren.