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Arkansas Statehood 1836 (Little Rock, AR)

Held in downtown Little Rock, the Old State House Museum and Historic Arkansas Museum, the state of Arkansas travels back in time to its Statehood 1836:

Visitors are now "the new residents" of the new state of Arkansas, in the year 1836. Each visitor-grouping (or single visitors) will be given an identity packet of people from 1836, and a mission to accomplish. This is called Live Action Role Play - the visitors, instead of just watching the living history unfolding around them, will have the opportunity to participate in 1836 by accomplishing the mission as set forth in their identity packet. (Free of charge).

This year's theme is "Work & Play". The living historians will be demonstrating trades and skills of 1836, many of them able to invite the visitors to try the skills and trades. The 1830s was a time of change, as the Industrial Revolution starts creating mass-made objects in factories.

Silhouettes by Hand will be freehand-scissoring silhouette portraits, one of the trades of the 1830s, but which will be fading soon and photography (the new fad) starts entering the states and territories in the early 1840s. In the 1830s, the rich and soon-to-be-rich felt comfortable is ostentatious clothing in incredible widths and decor, and they liked recording their images.

Location link for the location of Silhouettes By Hand at Statehood (the Old State House Museum):

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