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Founder's Day Celebration at the Peale (MD)

Join the staff and celebrants of America's first purpose-built museum in celebrating 202 years! The Peale Museum, now called the Peale Museum for Baltimore History and Architecture, started as "the son" of America's first museum, the Peale Museum (in Philadelphia)

Silhouette portraiture will take place at 6-7pm and then again at 8-9pm. Your artist Lauren in full 1815 clothing, celebrating and discussing life (and silhouettes) in the early Baltimore.

The Peale is the oldest museum building in the United States. It was built by Rembrandt Peale, a member of the first family of American artists.

The Founder's Day event celebrates the founding of the Peale, opened as a Museum and Gallery of Fine Art by artist Rembrandt Peale on August 15, 1814:

Join us for our 205th birthday open house! Come celebrate with us all afternoon and into the evening, with a storytelling studio, ongoing exhibitions, history of the building, virtual tours, time travel, and more!

Open House at the Peale, August 15, 4-9pm

  • Show & Tell story recording with Mama Linda Goss

  • Show & Tell Happy Hour, moderated by Aaron Henkin

  • Mera Kitchen Collective documentary screening

  • Time Travel Tours with David London

  • Virtual reality tour of Devin Allen: Spaces of the Un-Entitled

  • Submersive Productions open lab

  • Silhouettes by Hand with Lauren Muney

Exhibitions on View

Participate in the Show & Tell: Baltimore Stories exhibition
Learn how you can submit a story for Show & Tell!