Silhouettes Interactivity at Museum

Originally published in Dec 2011

This little girl had her own silhouette portrait made. She "helped" other children prepare for their silhouette.

Then she asked for her doll's silhouette portrait.

The  guest line for silhouettes was far too long at that time to accommodate a doll's portrait, so the little girl was asked to return after visiting the museum's other festivities.

She returned... and had been thinking about silhouettes during the entirety of the time she was visiting the rest of the museum. The little girl dutifully stood in line with her doll, for the doll's portrait.

When the doll's silhouette portrait time came, the little girl enthusiastically held the dolly on her lap, to create a side profile view for the portrait. The scissors deftly creates the doll's portrait freehand, without drawing first. The little girl was fascinated with the whole silhouette process.

After the silhouette was cut, the little girl talked about how she wanted to frame the dolly's portrait next to her own portrait in her room.

Other guests left a stack of thank-yous for the museum, for having Silhouettes By Hand at the event. A few are shown here.