Above: Lauren Muney of Silhouettes By Hand freehand-cuts the silhouette portrait of an enthusiastic little boy - while attired in Early American-era clothing.  At the Smithsonian Institution National Portrait Gallery / American Art Museum, Washington, DC

Silhouettes Galleries: Photos and Video

Since Silhouettes By Hand's freehand-scissored profile portraits are valuable in many settings and events, several galleries are offered here to let you enjoy the scope of the business. 

The galleries below include Silhouette images, Instagram feed, Museum Programs, and Other Events, Silhouette-Event example, and a live-broadcast video from a museum event.

How are Silhouettes created? 

Silhouettes are created "freehand" with only scissors. The only tools are the scissors and the paper. There is no shadow cast, nor drawing with pencil or pen in advance. In this video you can see no lines on this white side of the paper.

Creating silhouettes in this way - especially with astounding resemblance to the sitter - is a rare skill. There are few people in the world who work this way. Watch this video (50 seconds):

This silhouette was cut by "Silhouettes By Hand" in less than two minutes during "A 19th Century Christmas" at Fort Nisqually Living History Museum, Tacoma, WA. (The video is sped up just a little for people who cannot wait). Silhouettes are a great way to experience the past - first hand!

Sample Silhouettes

Here are profile portraits hand-cut  with only scissors by your artist, Lauren Muney, spanning 7 years. Each of these portraits is hand-cut with only scissors and paper, without drawing, tracing a shadow or using any type of machine.

These are not clipart - these are actual portraits made from people sitting live for their silhouettes or from a photo for their Silhouette Order. Even the horse portrait was created live.

NOTE : The portraits in these galleries are not for sale.

You too can order your own silhouette and frame or mat, or book Lauren into your event.

Freehand-scissored silhouette portraits are some of the most difficult- and fascinating - portrait forms, done by only a handful or people in the entire world. To learn more about your artist, visit the About page.

Recent Instagram images: @artisanal_selfie

Some events beg their imagery to be shared: immediate, timely, striking.  To follow "Artisanal Selfie" (Silhouettes By Hand) and to see more images, go to the Instagram Profile Page

Museum Programs with Silhouettes

Lauren's favorite events to participate are living history and museum events. Read more about her interest on the About page, or go to the Museums Page for more information on booking.

Other Events: Corporate and Social, Weddings, Non-Profit, Galas

Thank you to Bravo! Events and photographer Eli Turner for the beautiful photos in purple.

Corporate, Non-profit, Social, and Festivals all benefit from the rare skill of silhouette portraiture. Not only do guests take away their memory, but it's a fascinating activity for others just watching. People love Silhouette By Hand's hospitality, experience, and rare craftsmanship at their Wedding, Corporate event, Non-profit special event, or private party.

Some happy faces with Silhouettes

These happy faces enjoyed their silhouette portraits at a March 2015 event at Historic Londontown & Gardens in Maryland, USA.

In this museum event, the facility and the guests were celebrating Maryland Day, the founding of the Maryland in 1634. The guests were invited to submit their own selfies (self-portraits) to social media under #MDselfie - however the silhouette area gave the guests the opportunity to relax --and picture themselves in history with their own historically created portrait.

Silhouette-Event Experience

As an illustration of an event, the photos below show Lauren Muney's appearance at an event at Brookside Nature Center, Montgomery Parks (Maryland), Maryland-National Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) in December, 2017. Photos in this gallery provided by Montgomery Parks; Tony Ventouris Photography.

If you want to book Silhouettes By Hand into your own event, read more on the Booking page.

A more relaxed encounter with a Silhouette artist...

In this special evening, Lauren Muney visited with Springfield, OH's Mother Stewart's Brewing Company, to talk about tradition (and beer) ... Mother Stewart's was was made from an old coffin factory, and is named after a local temperance worker - ie: a woman who tried to get beer banned...

Silhouettes in the Media

Below is a video filmed during Memorial Day Weekend 2017, at internationally renown  The Henry Ford's Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan, USA.