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WWI Commemoration at the Old State House (AR)

The Old State House Museum in Little Rock, AR, will help citizens and visitors experience the era of the 19-teens, and Arkansas entry into World War I.

WHEREAS: During 2014 until 2018, the worldly nations who participated in World War I have and will commemorate the centennial of World War I; and

WHEREAS: In 1917, the United States formally declared its entry into World War I, and its centennial celebration will be during the years of 2017 and 2018; and

WHEREAS: Over 71,000 soldiers from Arkansas served the United States during World War I; and

WHEREAS: The Governor seeks to commemorate, preserve, and honor the courage, sacrifice, and valiant efforts of all Arkansans who served in World War I.

Silhouettes By Hand has been invited to participate in the Old State House Museum's WWI event, since silhouette portraiture had a resurgence in the 19-teens and 1920s. Interest in silhouettes never died completely when photography was invented - it just waned a bit until new interest arose every couple of decades.