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Civil War Remembrance at the Henry Ford (Dearborn, MI)

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 9:30am – 5pm (Sat: event to 9pm; Silhouettes until 7pm)

At America’s largest open-air museum, Greenfield Village at the Henry Ford, feel the Civil War come alive all around you as bustling camps, cavalry, period musicians, artisans, and civilians enliven an entire weekend to challenge the many viewpoints of the Civil War period.

Silhouettes By Hand is a special invited guest artist, cutting silhouette portraits while interpreting portraiture in a new photographic age. An additional interpretation about the “science” of physiognomy rounds out the experience in this traveling artist studio under canvas.

What is freedom? What is liberty? These questions continue to define us. Bone-deep convictions on all sides split our young country in the mid-1800s. Civil War America is colored by a sense of fierce community, as well as the scorched-earth division of North and South. Join the beset citizenry, as they rise above wartime challenges to clothe, feed and entertain one another. Spend the day steeped in the atmosphere that drew 3 million to the battlefield and an estimated 750,000 to their graves. What did it feel like to fight on your own soil? Immersed amongst Union and Confederate living history soldiers, historians, presentations, 1860s fashions and street clothing, and military demonstrations, you might begin to comprehend the circumstances that ended slavery and killed today’s equivalent of 7.5 million people.

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